Lohan Has Left the Building ….Alas it’s true !!!

Sexy Lohan (6)
Lohan Has Left the Building ….The greatest K-diva to ever grace Los Angeles has decided to move on to better & bigger things.

Indeed Lohan has retired & while many invariably come back don’t expect this legendary Diva, who redefined the K-girls scene to return. Lohan has taller mountains to climb and bridges to cross towards a greater  & brighter future.

No one expects statuesque Lohan or her legacy to be matched any time soon. . Few can match her personality, character, confidence, look, sexy demeanour, aura , star quality, presence, work ethic or any of the characteristics that made her unique & heads & shoulders above the competition.

Thank you Lohan for sharing yourself, for the pleasure you gave us & the memories of you we will treasure. You may be gone but your legacy will live on. There shall never be another you.



Suri your joking! I’m not joking and don’t call me Suri….

Great pick for the KGotM! As you can read from the headline the choice was a great one!

Read here bio here!

Suri LA 2015 (4) Suri LA 2015 (3) Suri LA 2015 (2) Suri LA 2015 (1)


This is one choice we Suri wont forget!…..(ok that WAS a stretch!)





Update: Just in time for President’s Day

Wow…what a big update…

Elfa LA 2015 (4)Kelly LA 2015 (2)Nuri LA New Pics 2015 (3)Bonnie LA 2015 (2)Gna LA 2015 (1)Joy LA 2015 (3)Megan LA 2015 (4)T-Ara LA 2015 (4)Ann LA 2015 (1)Lovey LA 2015 (2)Asia BA 2015 (2)Angela BA 2015 (2)Hana BA 2015 (1)Ami BA 2015 (1)Erica BA 2015 (2)Ivy BA 2015 (3)Taylor BA 2015 (4)Eloo LA 2015 (3)Luka BA 2015 (2)Yisu BA 2015 (2)Davi LA 2015 Update (1)Brenda LA 2015 (3)Sammi BA 2015 (2)Neema LA 2015 (4)Scarlet LA 2015 (1)Leah LA 2015 2 (3)Julia LA 2015 (3)Maju LA 2015 Update (1)Aria LA 2015 Update WM (1)Bora LA (2)Bambi LA 2015 (3)Cuti LA 2015 (2)Mico LA 2015 (3)Angela BA 2015 (2)Haru BA 2015 (1)Jennifer LA 2015 (2)Adel LA 2015 (3)



if you got this far down…congrats….whew…that’s a lot…click on their profiles!





Update: A big thanks to Asia!……and there was more!!!!

Asia LA Update 2015 (3)

That’s the best representation of Asia I have ever seen on any map…..

Update 2/7/2015: An additional update! Wow….Asia sent in another set of her pics for us to preview and hot damn…Check them out above and below!



New set:



Thanks to Asia, we have a great set of her new pics! We thank her for letting us provide you guys with a view these gorgeous pics.

As always we thank Asia for her support and let’s keep supporting her as well!

Here you go guys, courtesy of one of the Divas.

Check her profile here:


Iconic Profile

Featured Profile

K-Girl of the Month Profile


Asia LA 2015 UPDATE (5) Asia LA 2015 UPDATE (4) Asia LA 2015 UPDATE (3) Asia LA 2015 UPDATE (2) Asia LA 2015 UPDATE (1)


The choice is clear!

February’s choice for KGotM has been chosen! Check her out here!


Cari (3)

Not here…but man…check out that couch!

Update on broken links:

Well we were able to repair a lot but as it stands right now….we’re really pooped…(don’t look at the picture above)….So for now were going to leave up the ones that are still broken and just update new profiles as they come. Thanks. We will try to update any current ladies if they are broken and give them priority versus one that has already left.

Thanks again and enjoy the little lady above!



Another update…whew….

Whew…another great batch of awesome beauties! A mix of BA and LA.

Eva BA 2015 (2) Britney BA 2015 (4) Banni BA 2015 (4) Y BA 2015 (2) Sena LA 2015 (1) Scarlett BA 2015 (3) Rana LA 2015 (1) Hailey LA 2015 (1) Aroni LA 2015 (4)


Click on their pics so see their profile!

Great pics and great girls!