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Wishing all a happy new year!

Let’s play safe and sane while we hobby.

Let’s treat others with respect and dignity that they deserve.

Let’s all hope for success and a prosperous new year.


Happy New Year everyone!










What, me worry?

A very funny article that was found while perusing Cracked.com


3 Things I Learned From Hiring a Prostitute
By Felix Clay April 26, 2014

Like any good artist, I have a preferred medium. Some artists work best in oil, some in watercolor, some with sculpture, and others with photography. My medium seems to be debauchery, and I can mold it like an old sticky-fingered pro. Having already experienced an orgy and delved into the realms of fetishism and stuff people store in their holes, I thought “What’s left?” and then I Googled some things, got sleepy, woke up the next day, and had an idea — prostitution.
See the rest of the article here
This article gave me a headache.....

This article gave me a headache…..

(Yes we know, “What Me Worry” belongs to MAD magazine…)

A party without me?….aww hell no….

I think the song said it all…..






This one never gets old:



Things Asians hate…Don’t even try to bring these up during a session…

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand English very well, but why are you shouting at me? I’m not deaf. Shouting slowly at me does not make me understand you any better, I just can hear you louder now…

Please have some common sense…

It is always a head shaker when you hear people still ask these type of questions in regards to Asian people. Let us hope that a lot more hobbyists have more than enough common sense not to ask these questions when seeing a K-girl or any Asian for that matter. It is amazing at how much stereotypes a lot of the hobby world goes by, even today.

Please don’t go into a session with all these Asian fantasy fetishes already ingrained in your brain..

These girls may have limited English skills but they are not stupid. Your behavior and demeanor towards them goes a looong way. Remember, your body language and gestures can mean totally different things.

Be wise, be respectful and most of all be aware of who you are dealing with.


“Say my name in your language”…..good lord..


Korean Body Lines…no, not wrinkles….wait..what?

Sorry..lines? I don’t see any stinking lines…..

In South Korea, when you hear the terms, “S-Line” or “V-Line”, you may start to think of descriptors for a brand new line of Kia or Hyundai vehicles. High end models to boot! But in todays South Korean advertising market, these terms have come to describe the ever growing fashion, beauty and design sectors.

In a country where plastic surgery has evolved to an art form, these descriptors become ever more revealing. Arguably, South Korea has become obsessed with material beauty as well as physical beauty to the point of wonder. Undeniably, South Korean women ARE beautiful and the girls that come over to the US have a lot to flaunt.

LA’s K-Girl ads are full of the poses that enhance their physical aspect to the point a lot of hobbyists wonder if the girl in the picture is all too real. Those that have been in the K-Girl scene know all to well that a majority of the pictures ARE real and that these ladies bring their “A” game everyday.

Below is a sample of descriptors that the South Koreans use:

S-Line – Ample breasts and buttocks when viewed from the side

A typical S-line figure..Can you spot those in the K-Girl Ads?

V-Line – A slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin.


A Perfect V-Line Face…

X-Line – Long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist

Korean x-line advertisement.

U-Line – Exposed lower back in low cut clothing


D-Line – A pregnant (or pregnant-appearing) abdomen

O-Line – Generalized obesity

Sorry…had to add that…..but your typical “O-Line”

In any case, you get the point. Some may argue that it is unhealthy to try to attain the ever changing perceptions of beauty and they may be right. We shall leave that debate to others.



Just in before the New Year!!

Come and play the state of the art, next generation video game from North Korea!! Legions of Starcraft fans are waiting in line to play this awesome game…(please note sarcasm). Anyway, just in from North Korea’s propoganda arm, Koryo Tours, this game is the must play game of 2013 it seems….LAKS tried playing the game through the link but unfortunately due to “MASSIVE” amounts of people trying to play the game, their servers have apparently been overwhelmed. So all we were able to do was watch a Youtube video of it…how exciting..=/



I am sure that the legions of South Korean Starcraft gamers have left that game for this one. Incredible what 1980’s technology can do to a sinking gaming industry….my goodness.

We here at LAKStyleblog are proud to have been able to bring you this fabulous news.


Something funny from the web…

Here is the dance group called “Waveya” rehearsing for an upcoming performance and you will see the crowds reaction to their performance. While it has nothing to do with the hobby, hot Korean women dancing is always nice to see….

Here is the rehearsal:

The performance and the aftermath:


edited: Added a complete version of the performance.