Update: Things are moving along quite nicely!

Zia (6)

Hey guys and gals!

As you can see, we are moving quite along with version 2 of LAKStyleBlog!

We hope that you will be enjoying the current revamp so bear with the construction and we’ll be providing you with the content that you enjoyed!

Thanks again!



Mini Update: Touring gals!

Have two gals on tour plus a mini update for LA! Check out Hime’s new pics! Gorgeous!



CArla K. Touring (1) Sugar Touring (3)


LA Girls update:


Shanon LA New (3) Hime Up new (3)








Update: Great update today!

From tasty Milk to fizzy Fanta! What more can you want from such mouth watering babes! Too bad they are mostly in LA but can you blame us? Enjoy and have a great week! Click on the pics to get to their profiles! You wont regret it!   Tiffany LA (3) Tae Ra LA (4) Poni LA (1) Phyliss LA (3) Milk LA (1) Miki LA (4) Leesha (1) Janet A (4) Heri - Uhee UP LA (1) Fanta LA (3) Banni LA (3) Aroni LA (3) Allie LA (3)   Great set of pics! Hope everybody gets to see these wonderful girls at least once in their lifetime!   Yowza!   LAKS!


Mini Update: Some great looking girls and boy what a mix!

Check out these lovely beauties!!

We have a nice collection of BA and LA representing for this updates.

Great horny toads!


Suzzy LA (4) Soyun BA (2) Sinbee LA (3) Sia LA (3) Rose LA (1) Misty LA (3) Mira LA (2) Megan LA (1) Kimmy TW (6) Kate BA (2) Janice BA (1) Harry LA (2)


Hope everyone enjoys!




December KGotM! A surprise surprise!

Sexy Lohan (6)


Check out who we picked for December’s K-Girl of the Month! You will be surprised indeed!

It was hard choice but someone had to sample the ballots in order to make an informed decision!



Who did we pick?


Check it out here!


Here’s a hint below:




Happy Thanksgiving! Mini update! and mini editorial!


Go on, you know you want to eat her pussy!

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving Day!!   Before going down to the update below a few words:


We here at LAKS would like to thank all those that have made this place a success! We have seen many changes and updates to this site and we could not have been prouder of the membership and accomplishments of this endeavor! Many thanks to the providers who have joined and participated in our Discussion Forum as well as our members who have made our forum a great place to be!

With that said we can’t help but see a danger and serious threat to the hobby due to another sites total lack of provider safety and broken review system. We caution those that participate in this hobby about submitting reviews regarding K-Girls to AdultFax. We won’t go into a whole monologue as we already have created a previous post regarding them. (Click here for it). We won’t even talk about the Discussion Forum…. We are keeping a close eye on developments there and so far we have been disappointed, concerned and just plain confused at how things are handled over there.

The one site that LAKS does recommend is The Erotic Review (TER) in regards to provider reviews. Though not a perfect system (nothing ever is), The TER review process is a trusted and proven system and we highly recommend it over the other sites process. Once again, as an outside observer looking at both sites, we would highly recommend that providers and mongers use TER.

The past two years so far has been an impressive effort! We hope to bring further planned projects to fruition and hope that the support we have had so far will help bring that about! Once again, thanks for all your support and have a great Thanksgiving!


Here is a mini update consisting of a healthy serving of BA and Los Angeles! Please pass the “stuffing”……no? Some great new pics from Gia, Sophie, Seara and others!   Sue BA (4) Sophie New pics BA (1) Seara New BA (2) Judy-Gia New pics (3) Cherry New (4) Bonnie LA (3) Joy LA (3)Annelle BA (3)   Great pics and great ladies!   Thanks again!     LAKS


Mini Update! Great listing of new girls mostly from LA!

Hi all.

Here’s a quick update on some new faces in LA and a couple in BA! Hope you enjoy! What gorgeous girls they be indeed!


Quick edit: Added Jace and Barbie. See below!


Quttie LA (4) Nora LA new (3) Maru BA (3) Lucia BA (3) Kyra LA (1) Juli LA (4) Hara New LA (1)



Eden LA (1)Jace LA (2)BArbie LA (1)










Have any of you noticed that some of the girls poses are getting hotter and hotter?


just a mild observation….






Mini Update: A nice mix of LA and BA.

Check out these wonderful gals and also KD icon Amber has updated her pics!


Yurie LA (4) Sharon LA (1) Junie BA (1) Emily BA (1) Ace BA JP (1)


Check out Amber and don’t those legs go on forever!!!! OH my!!!


Amber LA new pics (3)






anyhoo, enjoy the mini!






Mini Update: KGOTM! plus a new addition to the Feautured Providers! mouthwatering is the word of the day!

Well its November and the cool winds of Fall are upon us! Two great subjects on our mini update today! First is this months selection of KGotM! This months choice is none other than sweet Min!

November 2014: Min

November 2014: Min

What a great choice this month and we hope you enjoy it as well! Click on her pic and the link HERE!

Next on the agenda is we have added a new lady to our “Featured Provider” Section. All LAKS can say is, what a sexy beauty and a great addition to this list! Who is this lady you ask?

None other than Tiffany and she hails from the great Pacific Northwest! Check her out! What a sweet and gorgeous gal!

Tiffany Seattle (5)

Click on her pic and the link HERE!

Enjoy and we hope that these two fine ladies enjoy much success and as always to our LAKS audience and members, treat the ladies well and be safe!


*Note: Remember guys, The Erotic Review (TER) is our choice for the best and honest reviews for ladies!